Slavery is a crime against humanity. The path to restorative justice begins with the United States acknowledging our past crimes against Americans of African descent, whose ancestors were transported here against their will and enslaved. 

Meaningful and transformative reparations begins with implementing a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). The TRC is tasked with revealing wrongdoings committed by the government and tracing the legacy of slavery codified in our laws far beyond emancipation. Their long overdue report would address more than a century of white supremacy, racism, and years of civil rights violations that ensued. 

Shan considers prioritizing access for African Americans to services, fully-funding Black institutions such as Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU), Community Banks, and Black Owned Businesses, central to racial, social, and economic justice.

We have a moral obligation to Native Americans whom the US government stole land from and massacred. Repatriation for Native Americans will include full rights over Native cultural artifacts and the US government honoring many of the broken treaties that were honored to the Native people of this land.