The American healthcare system needs to be completely overhauled.  

Approximately 44 million people in this country have no health insurance, and an additional 38 million are underinsured.  

This means preventable catastrophes play out across our nation every day—people lose their homes because they can’t pay their medical bills; they don’t seek medical attention when needed; and they ration the medication they need to survive and die as a result.

Even for those who are insured, our current system is not an efficient or effective one.  Americans pay some of the highest rates for medical care in the world but rank only 37th in health outcomes.  

This disparity is a result of health insurance companies wasting money on excessive administrative costs while patients have to fight for the services they need.  Americans also pay significantly more for the same prescription drugs as our Canadian and European counterparts because the pharmaceutical industry has the power to set prices without any meaningful regulation. Our lawmakers have failed to act to make drug pricing fairer for all Americans, as they accept donations from the powerful pharmaceutical and insurance lobbies. We need to drastically shift how we see healthcare.  It is not a commodity—it is a human right. 

Every person in the United States should have access to good doctors and the medical care they need.  Nobody should die because they can’t afford insulin, or lose their home because of exorbitant medical bills.  

There are approximately 55,000 people in our district without health insurance and this is unacceptable.  Every New Yorker deserves healthcare.

Shan supports the Medicare for All Act. (H.R.1384)