The War on Drugs is a war against communities of color. It unjustly targets our communities at higher rates than others. For decades, people of color have been disproportionately prosecuted for possessing and using. As legalization of recreational marijuana is passing in states around the country, it has become clear that the people who stand to benefit most from legalization are the new dispensary owners, and not disproportionate communities of color that have been sent to prison for selling marijuana.

Shan supports legalization of marijuana, with a priority on ensuring that the people who suffered the most by unequal enforcement of past drug laws are the first to benefit from the new industry.  He will strike down laws prohibiting people with prior marijuana convictions from economic opportunities, and advocates for the automatic expungement of records related to marijuana convictions.  

Shan believes that tax revenue collected from marijuana sales should be reinvested into communities of color by providing educational, trade, arts, and mental health services.

Reinvesting in communities of color will bring economic stability and empowerment for the people in NY-5.