The poor and working people of this country have created and contributed to the largest growth of GDP this nation has ever seen, yet the wealth of their labor largely benefited the CEOs at the top. With this gross inequality, in addition to having a system that completely fails if consumer spending falls below 3%, it doesn’t make any sense to have the majority of workers living paycheck to paycheck relying on debt to buy the things they need. That is why we believe in the introduction of a Supplemental Universal Basic Income. UBI ensures that working people properly benefit from their labor. After all, this economy belongs to the working class, not the rich and powerful. 

UBI allows individuals to determine which decisions are right for them. Unlike previous Federal programs, UBI allows everyone to spend their $2,000 how they see fit, without having to worry about other services being taken away. 

A Break Down of Universal Basic Income: 

  1. A non taxable $2,000 monthly payment for all citizens of the U.S
  2. Will be used in tandem with other social safety net programs as supplemental economic assistance.
  3. A national rent control policy to dissuade landlords from predatory rent increases due to the introduction of these policies.
  4. For people enrolled in direct deposit they will have the funds directly sent to their bank accounts. Those who are not will receive paper checks in the mail by the 1st Friday of every month.