Corporate welfare put the people of Puerto Rico into debt. Current laws need to be lifted as Puerto Rico continues to move towards liberation.

The Jones Act of Section 27 of the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, Puerto Rico is prohibited from developing its own shipping industry unless it is a US vessel. Import prices are passed onto Puerto Rican consumers, making cost of living unbearable. It provides price protections for corporations and placed Puerto Rico $72 billion dollars in debt.

As a member of Congress, Shan will support removing the Jones Act to end the corporate welfare and erase the debt.

The Puerto Rico Oversight Management and Economic Stability ACT (PROMESA), created a financial oversight board that cut deep into the nation’s public services such as healthcare and education in order to repay creditors. Corporations should not hold the people of Puerto Rico hostage.

Shan will repeal PROMESA in Congress and seek to support Puerto Rico for self-determination status.