As housing costs skyrocket, working class New Yorkers often find themselves priced out of their own communities. Entrenched political incumbents ignore the housing crisis facing everyday New Yorkers, as they cater to luxury real estate developers in exchange for huge donations. Instead of putting people before profits, our representatives fail to pass legislation that helps people remain in their homes, putting their donors’ interests first.

There are thousands of people across our district dealing with inhumane living conditions, housing instability, and homelessness. In a prosperous and just nation, all people deserve to live in homes that are safe, stable, and affordable.

Public Housing

Section 3 of the HUD Act states low income residents living in public housing such as (New York City Housing Authority) NYCHA should be provided jobs with NYCHA. However, many of the repair jobs are outsourced to private contractors. To combat Rental Assistance Demonstration(RAD) which would privatize public housing, Shan is proposing 100% tenant budgetary oversight, repeal the Faircloth Amendment, and free trade programs for NYCHA tenants so they can obtain trade skills, unionize, and work where they reside. Tenants will be more invested in completing repairs in their own communities.

Federal Homes Guarantee

Shan supports extending tax benefits for working and middle class homeowners and providing permanent housing in place of shelters. As a NYCHA resident, he will be a loud and vocal advocate for full federal funding of necessary repairs to NYCHA buildings that are long overdue and supports giving NYCHA residents employment priority in making social and economic improvements. He will also call on the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to end discriminatory housing laws.

We have a housing crisis in the country. It’s a National Emergency and we cannot wait for changes to happen. Everyday we are losing families out in the streets who forgotten about. Housing is a human right and every person deserves to live in a safe and sustainable home.

Shan supports a Federal Homes Guarantee centering impacted communities from the current housing crisis. The plan is to create over 12 million permanent affordable housing outside of the capitalist market, addresses a century of systemic racism such as predatory lending and redlining and paying reparations to those impacted communities, and transitioning social housing to a Green New Deal economy.

Breaking Up Big Banks and Establish Workers Cooperatives

Shaniyat will never take a penny of real estate and big bank money.  He’s committed to fighting for housing equity for all New Yorkers, not helping the wealthy make enormous profits at the expense of our communities. 

Grotesque levels of income and wealth inequality is attributed to the Wall Street bail out. It’s been ten years, and almost 50 million Americans live in poverty and the US has the highest rates of childhood poverty of any major economic nation. All while the richest people in the world have gotten away from the reckless behavior of damaging millions of lives. Billionaires continue to accumulate more wealth than the poorest people combined.

Dodd-Frank is essential to regulating big banks relationships with consumers. However, many of the big financial institutions continue to their reckless activity today leaving many people homeless and unemployed.

Shan supports to breaking up big banks because no financial institution should be too big to the point of an economic crisis like the one caused in 2008.

Building workers cooperatives like community banks should be federally prioritized to provide affordable loans so businesses can create jobs, and working families can purchase homes. The focus should be to create a foundation for working people and not big banks.