US military interventionism are superseded with colonial and imperialist regimes causing the deaths of millions of innocent people, including members of our armed forces around the world. It’s time our nation acknowledges the harm done to others. US foreign interests are about capital and we can no longer continue this path.

The United States has a critical role in ensuring universal peace. Diplomacy should always be a priority, while ensuring authoritarian governments are not violating human rights of their people. The United Nations needs to be at the heart of US American foreign policy.

End The Forever Wars

Since 2001, the United States has spent over $5.6 trillion dollars in the Middle East and Asia regions. The result of these conflicts have destabilized and created further conflicts in these regions while lives were lost and the economy was being drained. Investing housing, education, and healthcare should be our priority, not these forever wars.

As a member of Congress, Shan commits to ending military interventions including in Central and South America, repealing the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF), and reasserting check and balancing powers back to Congress. No president should have sole power of making decisions over military matters when so many lives are at stake.

Veterans Care

Members of the armed forces are sent off to senseless wars to fight for the profit of the US government. In 2019, 507 members of congress accepted campaign contributions from Defense Corporations.

Shan not only pledges to reject Defense Corporation money, but will look to not put service members and civilians in harms way that is corporate greed.

Endless Wars have proven to be the biggest contributors to climate change. The exposure from heat and chemical activity  is a serious threat to the conditions of every living beingРelevating the risks of cancer or thinning our ozone layers.

Reallocating money used for wars to sustain a livable planet serves as a longer term solution and investment for peace.  The cost of wars exceeds the costs of healthcare, education, and homes in the United States combined. Where there is money, there are priorities. Every veteran will be guaranteed with these provided services so their well being is prioritized over wars.

1 in 5 women identifying veterans and transgender service members have experienced sexual assault in the military. As the number of women identifying service members grow, they are experiencing more sexual assault traumas leaving them with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD.)

Unreported sexual assault of civilian victims overseas also serves to be an issue. This poses as a National Security issue whereas victims will not only be traumatized, but inclined to join opposing factions against the United States.

Changing the culture and providing a support system for victims will require a cohesive effort from members of Congress, the Secretary of Defense and the Veteran Affairs.

Shan will fight to repeal the military transgender ban. Not only because gender identity does not hinder job performance, but it the moral thing to do. No person should have to feel unsafe in the work place.

Veterans who served as far back as Vietnam are deported for punitive offenses. The Pentagon reports over 8,000 non-citizen service members enlist every year and over 2,000 are living outside of the Mexico border, waiting to be reunited with their families. It in unconscionable to think veterans who served are displaced from their homes.

Shan supports Rep. Raul Grijalva’s Veteran’s Visa and Protection Act to allow displaced veterans to come to the US and have access to VA benefits.

Lack of resources for veterans transitioning out of the military have contributed to homelessness. When they return home from for profit wars, veterans are left to survive on their own. Causes of homeless include disabilities, substance abuse, and financial hardships among others. Our government needs to redirect its priorities to support those who need services for their well being and productive members of society post-military. Ending the wars and investing in public resources is a practical solution for all.

Free Palestine

Shan believes all people including Israelis and Palestinians should have equal rights. The US continued support of any government not abiding by international human right laws are subject to human rights violations. With millions of lives lost, the people in the Middle East are exhausted from the conflict and seek peace.

The people of Palestine have not only been displaced from their homes but are classified as second-class citizens in the region. Palestinians should be protected as equal citizens with equal rights.

The US government needs to stop enabling conflicts by reducing aid from nations committing human rights violations including Saudi Arabia, Egypt , and the Philippines.

Shan supports HR 2407 Promoting Human Rights for Palestinian Children Living Under Israeli Military Occupation Act.

Shan supports the first amendment right to free speech for Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) advocates.