Poverty is intersectional with all aspects of our daily lives and the vast majority of our policies aim to address the root cause of it and better the living conditions of all Americans. If you look through our mainstream media poverty is mentioned approximately 1% of the time yet is the main concern of citizens all over the world. 

Quality education should be accessible to everyone, no matter what their status is. It is no mistake as to why the poorest states in our nation are also the least educated. As the economy has changed, Americans need more qualifications to be competitive in the job market. In order to ensure every American can achieve their goals, we must offer Universal Pre-k and Kindergarten, and Tuition Free Public Colleges. This will ensure every child is able to complete primary school, which will give them better chances of finishing highschool and college. Once they are old enough, tuition free colleges will allow them to earn the skills and make connections needed to succeed in the 21st century. There is no reason why millions of Americans should go into thousands of dollars of debt just to try and better their life. Having Universal Pre-k and College will ensure every American has the opportunity to improve their life.

Having adequate funded schools is crucial. For years, the Federal Government has underfunded our education system, and is sticking to the bare minimum. We must rethink our education system to make it more competitive with other countries. Funding our schools will make sure every child gets healthy meals, quality education, and a better pathway to success.

Physical and mental education are crucial to childhood development as well. Along with funding schools, we must make sure every community has some after school programs. Giving kids the opportunities to play sports, practice an art, or pursue subjects that interest them will make them more focused, but improve their mental health as well. Allowing kids to pursue their passions will help them decide their future.

$15 minimum wage. The standard of living has become more expensive throughout the years. In order to make sure everyone can pay their rent, afford their bills, and feed their family, we must pay workers a livable minimum wage. No one should have to work two jobs and still be unable to provide for their family. Companies should focus on community welfare, not the other way around.

Adjusting the poverty standards is important to solving poverty in the US. The poverty guidelines must be rethought. They are outdated and have led to mishandling of millions of families, making the poverty trap harder to climb out of. Without Federal assistance, millions are unable to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, and better their life. If our policies are going to be effective, we must better understand the lives of millions of Americans.

A percentage cap on interest rates for banks, credit unions, and financial services companies can charge. This will stop consumer exploitation, and allow Americans to save more of their hard earned money.

Repealing the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act and allow post offices to provide basic banking needs. This will ensure the Post Office’s continued presence in the community while giving the unbanked the services they desperately need. A 15% cap on interest rates for financial institutions, and empowering states to go further. This will limit the power of big banks, and put it back into the hands of the community. 

A federal jobs guarantee will give every American a high quality job, which provides healthcare and a living wage. Giving all Americans guaranteed jobs stops the exploitation of workers from large corporations. With a jobs guarantee, millions of Americans become more competitive in the job market. It will allow individuals to bargain for better benefits, higher pay, and more ethical company standards.

Taxes, taxes, taxes: Higher marginal tax rates on the super wealthy. This will ensure all of our programs are being fully funded without putting the nation further in debt. By taxing the wealthiest of Americans, Shaniyat is helping bridge the income inequality gap, and creating a more equitable system for all of us. A Value-Added tax will ensure a more equitable tax system without any room for loopholes. This will force large corporations, like Amazon, to pay their fair share without harming society. We must also work to close already existing loopholes, and give people and agencies the power they need to enforce our tax laws.