Not all Democrats are the same.

Democracy should work for all of us, not the wealthiest few.


Help us make a better Queens.


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A just and peaceful world should not come at the price of human rights.

The Future Is Now

The best way to ensure America becomes a better place is by electing people who truly understand the realities of economic, racial, and social inequality.  NY-5 is a diverse and predominantly Democratic district. But there are two very different kinds of Democrats.

The incumbent has been in office for over twenty years. In that time, he has voted to bail out and deregulate Wall Street rather than lift up his constituents.  He has upheld a system meant to silence working class and working poor families.

Experienced & Driven

Shaniyat served in the US Marine Corps for six years, working as a Field Radio Operator.

He worked in the office of NYS Assembly member Latrice Walker as a legislative aide, where he advised the assembly member on policy positions and researched housing, criminal justice reform, and climate change.

He was inspired by the progressive wave of grassroots activism following the 2016 election and became a staffer on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s congressional campaign. As one of her lead organizers, he knocked on thousands of doors, listening and learning about the most pressing hardships in the lives of Queens and Bronx residents.  

Shan also served as Ocasio-Cortez’s Campaign Staffer, and worked on research for the Green New Deal and other progressive legislative proposals.